Evolving as a potent force within the realm of real estate, Sattva Group has etched a profound legacy spanning three decades. Nestled in Bengaluru, this conglomerate has burgeoned into one of India’s most multifaceted developers, extending its influence across seven prominent urban centers. Over the passage of time, the consortium has attained notable feats, heralded by the successful completion of 142 projects, contributing to a staggering 69 million square feet of finalized space. Moreover, it boasts an additional 60 million square feet in varying stages of conceptualization and execution.

Establishing a precedent for excellence, ingenuity, and eco-friendliness, Sattva Group showcases a portfolio exceeding 25 million square feet of avant-garde space solely in Hyderabad. The iconic Sattva Knowledge City, acknowledged as one of Asia’s premier Tech Parks, stands as a testament to the consortium’s unwavering dedication to perfection. Casting its gaze forward, the consortium endeavors to unveil an additional 18 million square feet in the forthcoming year. Noteworthy is Sattva’s enduring ‘A plus’ rating from CRISIL since 2010, a testament to its unwavering triumphs. Proudly, the consortium stands as the foremost development collaborator of esteemed global private equity giants, Blackstone and Apollo Global Management.

Steering the consortium’s vision is the distinguished Managing Director, Bijay Agarwal, a graduate of the Harvard Presidents program. His stewardship is characterized by groundbreaking forays and accolades, including the ET ‘Best Employer’ accolade, recognition as the ‘Best Builder’ by the Builder’s Guild of India, and the prestigious title of ‘Global Indian of the Year’ bestowed by Asia One Magazine in 2017. Bolstered by a dedicated workforce exceeding 4500 individuals, Bijay Agarwal cherishes a nucleus of exceptional business intellects, many of whom have remained pivotal to the consortium for over three decades.

Transcending the confines of real estate, the consortium diversifies its interests, encompassing ownership of the esteemed Greenwood High International chain of Schools. This esteemed educational institution, boasting an enrollment exceeding 8500 students, consistently garners recognition as the premier ICSE school and the second-best IB school in India according to Education World. Expanding its horizons, Sattva Group has ventured into novel domains such as co-living accommodations with 18,000 beds, co-working spaces spanning 4 million square feet, warehousing, data centers, and e-commerce. Excitingly, Sattva and Blackstone have outlined plans to unveil India’s largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) next year, further solidifying their stature as pioneers of innovation and triumph.

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